Good writing isn't cheap. Cheap writing isn't good.

Your online presence is an investment in your future and yourself. Make it work for you.

Here are some basic packages I offer. If one-size-fits-all doesn't do it for you, we can work together to customize a plan that meets your needs.

Rock the Blog 

Consistency is key. The more you share, the more you grow.

Prices are quoted per month for these excellent package deals that will grow your online presence and get more attention.

  1. Just the Basics - Ideal for budding companies, beginner bloggers, start-ups, and small businesses. 1 post per week, up to 1200 words each. $1200/mo
  2. Keeping Up With the Joneses - Great for sharing fresh information with existing clients, introducing new services and products, and making Google happy. 1 post per week, 2,000 words. $1800/mo                  
  3. Pro Blogger - A must for established bloggers who want to strengthen relationships with existing fans and attract new followers. 2 posts per week, 1,500 words each. $2400/mo                          
  4. Mover and Shaker - Mandatory for Influencers who want to be seen and heard. Shake things up and build a huge following. 3 posts per week, 1,500 words each. $3500/mo            
  5. Change Maker - Rome wasn't built in a day. Big change takes time and consistency. Post more frequently to generate buzz about your product or services. 5 posts per week, 1,500 words each. $5,500/mo
  6. SEO Specialist - Search engine algorithms love this one.* Get found with high-ranking results. 2 posts per week, 2,500 words each. $4,800/mo *Wordpress site recommended

Get the Facts.

No fake news here. Get fact-based content backed by clinical studies, the latest research, rock-solid statistics, and quotes from highly credible experts and institutions. 

Perfect for websites focused on health and wellness, science and technology, healthcare, nutrition, real estate, environment, sustainability, and any other topic that requires evidence-based facts. 

$1 per word for a single article

$0.75 per word for a batch of 4 articles

$0.60 per word for recurring assignments (2 or more per week for 3 months or more)

All articles include research, interviews, citations, formatting, and SEO

Photos, graphs, tables, slideshows, etc. included for an additional fee. 

Travel and Leisure

Got a city, beach, festival, or other location you want to cover? I start at $0.25 per word including HD photos. And I'll go to the most extreme locations in search of the perfect travel adventure.

Last fall I hosted at an exclusive elk hunting ranch on a private reserve high in the Colorado Rockies. This winter I'm trekking to Mount Everest base camp for the trip of a lifetime. 

Did I mention that I live in one of the most coveted tropical vacation destinations in the world? Aloha!

So if travel is your game, you can call me Dora.