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Hunt ghosts in Jerome - Touring Bird

During the copper mining heydays of Wild West Arizona, Jerome was called "The Wickedest Town in America." Jerome was generally a temporary stop for many ambitious and hard-tack western pioneers – but apparently some of them never left. These lingering residents make Jerome America’s largest ghost town. A hotbed for gunfights, opium overdoses, mining accidents, and prostitution, the hillside town has many haunted locations sprinkled throughout, including "Spook Hall."

Dive into a clear canyon swimming hole - Touring Bird

Cool country refreshment awaits about an hour and a half north of Phoenix and 15 miles west of Camp Verde, in the Coconino National Forest. The Bull Pen swimming hole is a short walk from the Bullpen day use parking lot, which is located 5 miles down a well-maintained dirt road at the end of Bull Pen Road. Park at the parking area with restrooms, then hike an easy 10 minutes, approximately ¾ mile from the trailhead, to a dreamy desert swimming hole tucked between monolithic sandstone cliffs and cottonwood trees.

Time-travel back to the Wild West - Touring Bird

After the United States acquired its lands from Mexico in the 1840s, Arizona – formerly home to large Apache tribes – became a magnet for gold prospectors hoping to strike it rich. They began to explore the territory's mountain streams and riverbeds, looking for large deposits of placer gold. After the Civil War, the Apaches again took over central Arizona and prospecting dwindled. The one exception was around Prescott, the capital of the young territory. Prescott became a classic Old West gold-mining boomtown...

Treat yourself to Arizona's best pie - Touring Bird

About an hour north of the heart of Phoenix, 100-year old Rock Springs Café has been serving award-winning pies to Arizona visitors and residents for more than 80 years. Known to Arizona residents simply as "the pie place," Rock Springs Café offers a whopping 24 types of pie, including four variations on apple and four different cream pies. The site of an early Indian camp, Rock Springs had a coveted well and served as a welcome oasis for dusty cattle drivers, sheep-herders, and gold prospectors from the 1860s on.

Snag trophy bass in the desert - Touring Bird

Less than 2 hours from Phoenix, you’ll find a fisherman’s paradise where you least expect it – in the middle of the desert. Local anglers fish Roosevelt Lake’s nearly 22,000 fishy acres for largemouth trophy bass in the fall, winter, and spring. Some of the giant bass hauled from the lake have weighed in at over 10 pounds. Even if you’re not a trophy angler, all skill levels can have fun hooking white bass, striped bass, crappie, sunfish, flathead catfish, and channel catfish.

Find the freshest fish in Los Cabos - Touring Bird

The fish market in Cabo San Lucas can be a little hard to locate, but finding the catch of the day is definitely worth the effort. Pescaderia Cabo Mar showcases the freshest sustainable seafood, caught by local fishers in the wee hours of the morning. The market prides itself on it immense selection of seafood, including tuna, sea bass, grouper, mahi mahi, tilefish, triggerfish, jack mackerel, snapper, lobster, shrimp, squid, and much more.

Visit a quiet beach & go fishing - Touring Bird

For an authentic Baja beach day, head to Punta Lobos, a favorite launching spot for local fisherman. Pack a picnic, cast a line into the water, and bask in the quiet serenity of this hidden slice of heaven. Two dirt roads lead to Punta Lobos beach from Route 19. One leads to Hotel San Cristóbal Baja, which features a restaurant with a panoramic ocean view. Fishermen use the other road. Along this second road, you can explore the ruins of a defunct cannery and visit a charming little shrine.

Explore the peninsula on an ATV - Touring Bird

The Baja desert is a fragile ecosystem. To prevent excessive damage by the increasing number of visitors each year, the trails closest to the city have been mostly designated for locals and guided tours. But drive about an hour and a half north from Los Cabos to Los Barriles and you’ll be able to rent ATVs, dune buggies, RZRs, and SXS off-road vehicles for a half day up to as long as a week. You can rent ATVs that seat a single rider, or vehicles that can fit up to four people.

Cruise to El Arco the local way - Touring Bird

Anyone who’s ever been to Cabo San Lucas knows it’s not really a Cabo vacation without cruising out to El Arco, Baja’s best-known natural landmark. But the big tourist boats can be crowded and noisy. Hire a local with a motorboat at the marina for a more-pleasant, VIP experience. To find one, ask one of the street hawkers or just walk over to the collection of small motorboats to the right of the marina. No need for reservations, just bring 200–300 pesos and your choice of beverage.

Taste wine by Tool's frontman - Touring Bird

Knowledgeable bartenders, quality wine, pop culture, all in an incredibly historic setting. What more could a good wine buff and Tool fan want? Frontman Maynard James Keenan from the band Tool stays busy. With three very different bands, a slew of philanthropic pursuits, a produce market in Cornville, Arizona, and the occasional comedy gig, he still finds time to cultivate a good vino. Maynard’s grandparents were winemakers in Northern Italy, so the art of the vine is not foreign to him.

Kahala Honolulu: Oahu's Beverly Hills - Movoto

Fabulously wealthy residents and multi-million dollar luxury homes fringing pleasant, palm tree-lined streets have earned Kahala Honolulu a reputation as the Beverly Hills of Oahu. Perfect weather, gorgeous homes, million dollar views, a laid-back vibe, and aloha spirit draw new residents to Kahala on a regular basis, and Kahala’s home buyers are some of the wealthiest. In keeping with Kahala’s exclusive patina, the neighborhood enjoys low traffic flow, beautifully landscaped roads, sprawling pa

Durban - What to Pack - Clothing and Supplies Tips

Durban is famed for its mild, sunny winter climate and year-round ‘fun-in-the-water’ weather. Temperatures range from 16°C to 25°C during the winter months of June, July and August, while summer temperatures can reach 32°C with relatively high humidity during the hot season. Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are traveling. Bring a small backpack for exploring the city and surroundings. Within the shopping centers of Durban, you will find plenty of opportunity to purchase m

Gouves, Crete Island - Insider Tips

Gouves is situated on the north coast of Crete Island and to the east of Heraklion. This municipality spreads a few kilometers inland from lovely beaches to fertile fields and picturesque villages that cling to the hillsides. Kato Gouves is large beach resort with various hotels and apartments. The restaurants and bars are all centered around the main road of Gouves, which does not appear very Greek. This is a typical tourist resort. Ano Gouves is a beautiful little village situated above Kato

Panang Souvenirs, Arts & Handicrafts and Other Shopping

There are many places to shop for souvenirs in Penang. The Snake Temple has space set aside for traders, with two rows of shops at the left and right and a few shops in front of the street. You can probably find some things you like here. if you want more choices and better bargaining, the Batu Feringhi hawker centre is a better place to buy Penang souvenirs. There are many tailors In Little India that can make a Punjabi suit or Saree. The prices between each shop differ greatly so shop around

Things To Do in Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena is a bustling port city in southeast Spain that was founded around 220 BC by Carthaginians. Cartagena boasts a rich history, gorgeous scenery and many ancient ruins. Situated on a hill facing the city, Castillo de los Morosstands is a reasonably well-preserved eighteenth century castle built in a French-influenced neoclassical style. The History Interpretation Center located within the castle is designed to help visitors understand the history of Cartagena. A well-tended garden covers

Bus / Shuttles, Las Vegas - Transportation

There are several different bus routes and shuttles to choose from when you’re visiting Vegas. Just be patient when traveling this way, and enjoy the scenery. The shuttle from the airport to the Strip is the most economic way to get to your hotel. It costs $7 one way or $13 round trip as of 2014. This mode of transport can be a little slow, and you may have to stop off at a few hotels before you get to your own. The shuttles run 24 hours a day. Airport shuttle service and walk-up limousine serv

Turkey Nightlife - Clubs, Bars & Nightlife Tips

Turkey’s booming economy and increasing prosperity has had a big effect on the energy, vitality and variety of its nightlife. The range of entertainment is enormous with new clubs cropping up by the week, making Turkey’s nightlife scene one of the liveliest in all of Europe. On Istiklal Caddesi you’ll find rock clubs, jazz clubs, R&B and hip hop clubs, trance and techno music clubs. Many clubs feature live bands regularly. Reina is one of the most trendy clubs in Istanbul with a glittering Bo

Go Oahu Card Review - is it worth it? My wonderful 5 Days in Hawaii

This Go Oahu Card review was submitted by Lisabeth F, as part of our Blog Ambassador Program – a fun way to visit top Oahu attractions for free, share your experience, and be featured on our blog. I used the 5-day all-inclusive Go Oahu Card to create a relaxing, stimulating, and exciting vacation itinerary that allowed me to experience some of the best that Oahu has to offer. Some of the activities I enjoyed are exclusive to Hawaii, and the trip was even better than I had imagined! The Go Oah
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